Nuts & Bolts: Pio Bucks

This is a project for video production where we are supposed to represent school rules. In the video a passerby witnesses someone neglect the school by throwing trash on the floor. He picks it up and throws it away like a pioneer. He is rewarded with a Pio buck which can be used to purchase items from the Pio store. If a ASB student or a teacher witnesses Pio spirit you could be awarded.


Nuts & Bolts: Bike/Skateboard Safety


Another project for my video production class at Western High. I put a little more effort in this since I was the main character. I directed and did every shot. Editing done by be.
The video is about an auction tape for a local news show. Hopefully the’ll accept me.

Found Footage

The assignment was to create a video that was realistic. It is supposed to convince people that the events where real.
There’s a ghost or something in the single stall boys bathroom in the high school. They do an investigation for an english project. One of their friends go missing and they have to finish the video themselves, but are later greeted again by their friend.

Match Cuts: Parkour Fails Compilation

The assignment was to make match cuts. I took my most understanding of match cuts and edited a video for it. I wasn’t an actor in this video. I couldn’t use a lot of the footage and thats why you may see extra actors. It was a little difficult getting the right timing with the clips, but i did the best i could.


Sadly my group didn’t have a great idea for this project and neither did I. I may have been able to get something out, but i caught the fever and missed school. I hope this won’t happen again in the future because these assignments are crucial towards my grade. I didn’t like this project anyhow.

Customer Service

A classroom assignment depicting the realism of contacting customer service. This is a sequel from my previous video [i] Commercial: Brony Express [/i]. I took a better approach with trying different shots. While re-watching this I found some mistakes in the editing which will not happen again. I didn’t have the greatest idea for this anyhow.